Why we crated this website

We came up with this site to provide needed information on labor standards in the domestic work industry that is accessible to workers, advocates and employees and also give force to the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York.

Domestic workers in New York sought to gain recognition, protection, and rights as envisaged in the state labor law in 2003. Workers had waged historic battles for respect and dignity. This battle would lead to a 6-year campaign that culminated in the passing of the nation’s inaugural Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

This legislation came as a victory for the domestic workers who are currently recognized as real workers under the state labor law. It establishes rights for privately employed housekeepers, nannies, and elderly caregivers. Some of these rights include three days paid off after a year of employment, overtime pay should the worker agree to work on her rest day, protection against workplace harassment and discrimination based on race, gender, national origin, marital status and disability, worker compensation insurance for full-time and part-time domestic workers.

We continue to highlight issues of domestic workers’ rights and the structural impact on the conditions of domestic workers.