In case you have any questions regarding domestic workers rights issues, contact us below. If you have any questions concerning domestic workers legislation contact us below.

Most of the usual questions regarding domestic workers’ rights have been answered on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. For any questions of a technical nature, ensure you have included as much details as possible to enable us to assist you. We respond promptly to all emails and messages.

Contacting us gives the workers and our readers an opportunity to address the plight of domestic workers.

The importance of enforcement of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights cannot be stressed enough. Employers need to understand that labor rights should be followed and Domestic workers should be dignified. The point of having human rights advocates and specifically domestic workers rights advocates is not necessarily to offend employers. A good working relationship should be cultivated for the benefit of both parties. We encourage employers as well to partner with us and talk to us as regular as possible, to ensure that their Domestic workers have a good working environment.

This website provides a platform where domestic workers problems can be addressed. Every worker regardless of status should be respected and adequately compensated for their toil.