Best Places to Live in Europe

Best Places to Live in Europe

With a monthly budget of less than $800 a month, the cost of living in Bulgaria is pretty affordable. Room and food are very affordable in Bulgaria. For a moderate usage of water for showers, laundry, dishwashing, and others, you can expect something like $15-20 per month.

View of Valletta, Malta old town skyline from Sliema city on the other side of Marsans harbor

Best places/ cities to live in Europe

The European continent is made up of an eclectic mosaic of countries, each one with its own culture, defining traits, and histories. This rich tapestry of nations is what makes Europe such an appealing place to live. So which of its hundreds of cities should call your new home? Deciding on this can be tough and will depend on what you want out of your new home city.

Many places are fantastic for the history and culture they provide; others have become modern powerhouses of their country’s economy – something that is great for finding work. While others offer up themselves are perfect cities in which to raise a family. Let’s take a look at the 21 Best places to live in Europe in the year 2021.

Annecy, France

View of the old town of Annecy in France

The big attraction of lakeside Annecy, the Pearl of the French Alps, is its ski slopes in winter, but this is an appealing place to be year-round. In summer, the lakeshore bustles but not only with tourists. Unlike other top ski destinations in France, fairy-tale Annecy is not a tourist town but a living community that is more cosmopolitan than a typical haunt of Euro snow bunnies. Annecy has been awarded the titles of City of Art and History and also City in Bloom and can seem like an open-air museum. Every July its streets are given over to Noctibules, an annual art festival, and, every August, the much-anticipated Fete du Lac features the biggest fireworks show in Europe.


expats in barcelona

Spain is a longtime popular destination for expats, and with good reason. It’s an historic country with many different cultural influences, and the landscape varies from magnificent snow capped mountains to superb beaches. Due to this the weather varies from place to place, but expats can mostly expect to experience Mediterranean heat tempered by cool sea breezes.

Spain is currently just fighting free from the grip of an economic slump which has had a significant impact on unemployment. As such it can be problematic finding work here.

Spaniards are proud of their culture and tradition, which to this day is an important part of daily life, and few Spanish citizens speak English, so it is recommended for expats considering relocating here to get to grips with the local tongue in advance.

However if you can support yourself, Spain offers an exceptional quality of life. Due to the recession, property is cheap – although it is worth bearing in mind that the closer the property is to the coast, the more it will cost. If you’re looking to rent a property, a long term lease will be more cost effective than something short term.

Day to day costs for things like food, drink and clothing can be relatively expensive, and don’t differ vastly from prices in the UK. This is largely due to the fact that a big part of Spanish culture is eating out (think long, lingering lunches in the sun with plenty of wine), which if you eat like the locals often works out cheaper than cooking at home.

Madrid is Spain’s capital city, and this sprawling metropolis pulses with vitality. The population here is increasingly multicultural, which contributes to the abundance of arts and culture here, as well as world-class restaurants and bars, plus amazing architecture. The mix of cultures also means that expats are sure to find other English speakers here too.


Another cheap European country that is quite underrated to live in by the standards of the region is Romania. The country offers delicious foods, a pretty affordable cost of living, and surreal natural beauty.

The low cost of living in Romania allows retirees to increase their travel, take up new hobbies, and generally enjoy a better quality of life. Romania offers something for everyone, and at prices unheard of in the United States.

Romania is a small and affordable European country but it has a lot to offer its visitors. From the jaw-dropping view of Transylvania to remarkable UNESCO heritage sites, historical places, and castles, Romania will never disappoint you. Among all of these, Bran Castle is the most popular and most visited tourist attraction in Romania.

Cost of Living in Romania

The living cost in Bucharest is more or less the same as Kyiv, but if the environment and natural beauty are also your concern, Romania is the best place to live in. The suggested average monthly budget to live in Romania is around $1100.

Brest-Terres Océanes

Many qualified people from the 4 corners of France and from all over the world have settled in Brittany in recent years. Proximity to the sea, affordable rents, quality of life, safety, nature, gastronomy, culture, exceptional events throughout the year such as the Brest maritime festivals , international exhibitions and concerts, Brittany has it all.

France offers many advantages to young entrepreneurs and allows them to set up a business quite easily, with less administrative paperwork than in some European countries. Brest and its region, a territory which also bears the name of “Brest – Terres Océanes”, is particularly open-minded and attractive with destinations such as Brest, Crozon, Plouguerneau, Brignogan, Le Conquet, Plougonvelin, Plouguerneau, Lanildut or Plouarzel.

For a rent two to three times cheaper than in Paris, you can work from your apartment in Brest and set up an online business; this could be an e-commerce exporting Breton products around the world, for example, or a company offering guided tours of the most beautiful lighthouses of Brittany, the most beautiful hikes or great maritime walks and nautical activities. The city of Brest has also implemented a reduced tax for young companies and numerous aids to develop your activity. Brest also welcomes Innovative companies such as Cyane, an ecological producer of spirulina and green algae.

Touristically speaking, Brest -Terres Océanes has been in constant tourist growth for several years. It is a perfect destination to set up your tourist activities, business or restaurant, café, guesthouse or B&B. Set up your real estate company and introduce your US & UK clients to the most beautiful homes on the Breton coast. Renovate a lighthouse and welcome travellers all year round or develop a 5-star hotel with SPA and Wellness and offer your customers a stay in an exceptional, authentic, serene and healthy place.

For digital nomads, families (there are many international schools), start-ups or business leaders, Brest Terres Océanes will appeal to different types of profiles looking for a high quality of life. Connected to nature and culture, Brest-Terres Océanes is a destination with values, a destination with a soul.


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