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Standard Worker/Employer Contracts

Domestic Employment Standard Contracts

DWU developed a model contract for you to use as a guide in shaping your employment relationship. The contract lays out all the terms that should be discussed before employment begins, including wages, days off, sick days, paid vacation and health insurance. We understand that each employment relationship is different so we have structured the contract to accommodate individual employment situations. It can be tailored to fit particular situations by adjusting the language of the provisions according to the mutual agreement of both parties. Even if you should choose to change some of the specifics, we encourage you to use the contract as a model framework that details all the conditions necessary to ensure a healthy and productive work relationship.

Using the model contract brings a number of benefits to both employer and employee, including:

  • Clarifying and solidifying the working relationship
  • Helping to provide mutual understanding and protection for all parties involved by establishing the rights and obligations of both parties
  • Minimizing misunderstandings by documenting agreements carefully and completely
  • Promoting lasting, mutually respectful employment relationships
  • Promoting the provision of quality care for families and homes; workers who feel recognized and respected will do their jobs better.
  • Protecting workers and employers by requiring Notice of Termination so that each party has enough time to make arrangements

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